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1987 - First in South India to develop FRLS Cables.
1989 - First in India to make UV Resistant Cables. 
1990 - First to produce 1000 Cables in Medium Scale Sector.
1992 - First in South India to develop Fire Survival Cables.
1993 - First in World to manufacture XLPE Cables with In-house Technology.
1993 - First Indian Cable Company to Export LV XLPE Cables to UAE.
1994 - First in India to get ISO Certification in SME Sector.
1996 - First in South India to commence production of MV Cables.
1999 - First in South India to make MV ABC Cables.


  • LT XLPE / PVC / PE Power Cables;

  • XLPE / PVC Power Cables up to 33kV;

  • Aerial Bunched Cables, up to 33kV;

  • Control Cables;

  • Instrumentation Cables;

  • ACSR / AA / AAA / HTLS Overhead Conductors;

  • LV / MV / HV Covered Conductors;

  • DPC Wires & Strips;

  • Mining Cables;

  • Fire Survival, Fire Resistant, Low Smoke & Zero Halogen Cables.

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Gem Cables can manufacture in accordance with World’s Major Standards or tailor make according to the requirement of the Customer by combining two or more standards, as the case may be.

Some of the operating Standards:

  • British Standards. (BS).

  • International Electrotechnical Comm. (IEC).

  • Inst. Of Electrical & Electronics Engineers. (IEEE).

  • Deutsche Industry Norm. (DIN).

  • Euro Norm. (EN).

  • American Standard Test Methods. (ASTM).

  • Indian Standard Specifications. (BIS).


Gem Cables exported its products to following Countries, wherein they have been approved, tested & in successful use since a long time.

  • United Arab Emirates.

  • Republic of Yemen.

  • Singapore.

  • Sudan.

  • Trinidad & Tobago.

  • Bangladesh.

  • Nepal.

  • Sri Lanka.  

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The total land area available is in excess of 2.4 Million Square feet, on the outskirts of Hyderabad near ORR Exit No:3. (Patancheru)

  • The total built up area is around 120,000 Sq..ft.

  • The total in-house power generating capacity is 1.68 mW.

  • The total motive & thermal power in use is 2,695 HP.

  • The steam generation is through non IBR Boilers.

  • Separate system for filtration and circulation of compressed Air is used.

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